St.Peter’s on the Rock, Stoney Lake Ontario

July 2020

Many religious in-person gatherings were prohibited during the summer of 2020 and St. Peter’s on the Rock at Stoney Lake Ontario, was no exception. The Edison Singers was approached by the church to see if we would be willing to provide choral music videos for their virtual services. We jumped at the chance to help out. Eight of our choristers were permitted to record at Knox Presbyterian Church Elora. During these difficult times, it is heartening to see individuals and organizations giving a helping hand, without hesitation and paying it forward. 


Noel Edison – Artistic Director & Conductor


Cristina Pisani   

Catherine D’Addario


Shawn Oakes

Lanny Fleming


Nellie Scholtes

Katie Walshaw


Kyle Guglielmo

James Bourne (and pianist)

Mike Lepock

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